What we offer you and your child

Helderberg Kids is a bilingual nursery school with a strong inter racial character. Our teachers are very well qualified and motivated to give more than is realistically required of them. We are registered with the Western Cape Education Department, Health Department and Department of Social Services and they do regular inspections of the classes presented and the quality of the premises. We follow the curriculum of the WCED and also receives financial support in the form of subsidies from them.

Our hours are set to accommodate the needs of every parent. We open every weekday morning at 6h30 (public holidays excluded) and close at 18h00

How our classes work

We have no more than 20 childen in each class so that each child receives optimal attention and no child is deprived of opportunities. We believe in a holistic view to education and believe that a child should be developed in his/her full totality and to its full potential. Much attention is given to every child’s emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and physical development. Included in our curriculum (and fees) is Monkeynastix for a weekly lesson of professional physical training and coaching. We also have included Drumjoy to help with concentration, rhythm and pure musical fun and joy.

We have annual events such as Athletics, Grandma and Grandpa Day, art exhibition (children’s work) as well as a concert in the last term.

We always have an open relationship with our parents and clients and they are welcome to drop in at any time. Communication can prevent many misunderstandings and unhappiness and we have several ways of communicating e.g. the secretary, Mrs Louiza de Bruin, telephone, cellphone, Whatsapp, sms messages and emails.

Corporal punishment is an ABSOLUTE NO-NO. It is against the law and against all that we believe in. Safety of our children and teachers are always a prime concern. There is fulltime proper supervision on our playground as well as in the classrooms.

We firmly believe in the benefits of healthy eating habits and foster these at all times. the breakfast and lunches we provide to our pupils are nourishing and tasty and include foods loved by all children.

We follow the guidelines of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) so that there will be a smooth transfer to Grade One in Primary School. It is also good to know that we have our own Primary School, El Marine Primary. Your child will automatically be enrolled with this excellent, affordable Private School unless you have other plans. This is to skip the normal rush and panic to get your child enrolled in departmental schools with soaring numbers of children in over-full classes. Please give us a visit to see what we have on offer

Pre-primary Class

We have an excellent Pre-primary teacher, Mrs Linda Fourie, with many years experinnce in teaching. She also completes all the courses offered by the Western Cape Education Department so that we have the newest inventions and developments in place. Our children are sought after by all our local schools and we are in close contact with them

Grade RR Class

Children in our Grade RR class are prepared for their Grade R year in any school and we follow the instructions and guidelines of the WC Education Department. We have a qualified teacher, Mrs Ronell Bosman, who have been working for us for the last 18 years and has developed her skills and style to offer only the very best in a friendly but structured environment

3-4 Year Olds Class

Mrs Leony Meyer is a warm, friendly and highly professional teacher who brings happiness and warmth to her class. She follows the guidelines of the WCED strictly but concentrates on creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

Potty Training Class

In our Potty Training Class we have children who are already potty trained as well as children yet training. Teacher Careen Engelbrecht and assistant Marie Kemp both spend their time and energy in making this year as full of wonder and excitement as possible, without neglecting learning and play. We know that a child, especially this age, only learns through play and we are concerned that this should be implemented every day.

Baby Class

Our baby’s days are filled with music, rhymes, stories and activities. Teacher Anthea McBride and assistant Ansie Kirsten make every effort to keep babies happy and contented. Big muscle development as well as language development is of the most important developmental areas at this age and receive primary attention. We believe in very strict adherence to hygiene and keep all areas germ-free and clean.


We provide for After care children from our local schools. We only take 20 after-care children so that we can give the very best attention to their happiness and doing of homework. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our guidance in homework. After lunch and the changing into informal clothes, the pupils go directly to the homework class where they receive the best in homework tutoring.

Contact us with all your questions

You are most welcome to visit our premises at any time during office hours and we will be very happy  to introduce you to our lovely school.

Please contact us at the following numbers:

General Enqiries

021 853 5377
082 314 7900



99 Mills St
Winston Estate


Operating Hours


MON - FRI: 07:00-18:00

Babies and Toddlers

MON - FRI: 07:00-18:00


MON - FRI: 07:00-18:00

Helderberg Kids Staff

Mrs Mariana Furter


Mrs Christine Holtzhausen

School Secretary

Mrs Rosa van Tonder


Mrs Leonie Meyer

2-3 year olds

Mrs Debbie Holzhausen

3-4 year olds

Ms Sonja Wolmarans


Ms Anni Oosthuizen


Mrs Marie Kemp

Potty Training

Mrs Lena Jacobs


Mrs Ruth Peters