Your Child Deserves a Quality Education

We aim for a highly professional but also homely atmosphere in our school and it is an ideal to be known as the friendliest nursery school in the Strand.

We Learn.

We have a holistic view to education and believe that a child should be developed in his/her full totality and to its full potential.Much attention is given to every child's emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and physical development.

We Create.

The creative impulse is very strong the young child and should be stimulated and encouraged every day in a free and playful manner.

We Play.

Enough opportunity and time is given for free play and our playground is developed to enhance the child's love and aptitude for play and socializing.

We Make Friends.

Helderberg Kids puts a high premium on happiness and contentment and we realize that friendships between children, teachers and parents are of the essence..